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Fluffer & Nutter Lounge Act
If Prospect Park could double for a cocktail lounge, then Fluffer & Nutter would charge a 2 drink minimum for sure.
Year-End Illustration Video Portfolio 2019
Apollo 11 Homage for the Moon Landing 50 Years Ago!
Radio Show Interview
Fluffer & Nutter (Teaser for "Wet T-Shirt Contest")
Main Editorial Portfolio 2018-2019
A portfolio of samples from recent editorial illustrations
Children's Publishing
A portfolio of work created for children's publishing
Sports Illustrated For Kids Animated Short
Learn how a professional baseball is born
Animated Gifs and Illustrations with Motion
Various animated gifs for different client needs.
Editorial Portfolio Video: Joe Rocco 2018-2019
Editorial Portfolio Video: Joe Rocco 2017
Promotional Teasers and Trailers
A short promotional teaser of samples from my work in children's publishing
Logo for “Three Danes Baking Company” in Texas
Logo Designed for “Three Danes Baking Company” in Ft. Worth, Texas!
Patterns and Fabric Designs
Sci-fi series of wallpaper
Sci-fi series of wallpaper
Emoji Designed for The Village Voice
An Emoji series about New York City for The Village Voice.
Enquiring Minds Comics
*Contains some humorous adult content.
Fluffer and Nutter Comics
*Contains some humorous adult content. Originally in rotation at "The Stranger" out of Seattle.
Caricatures and Portraits
A Portfolio of caricatures and portraits of well-known people
My Shop
Come visit my shop over at Society6!
Game Screens & Animated Pitch Bible Design
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