New York Newsday
large spot illustration about the Jewish origins of Superman
Op Ed Illustration
How the Tea Party is burning down the establishment
Online Phishing
San Diego Union-Tribune
Technology/Economy Section
Are robots taking our jobs?
New York Newsday
Repairing Satellites by remote.
Cures for The Common Cold

Cures for the common cold

St. Louis Riverfront New Times
Illustration about The Mensa Group and how we gauge intelligence.
New York Newsday
Using apps to improve your rush hour drive
Uncle Sam
Economy Series

Income inequality

The Inevitable Death

Isthmus: Heinz Corporate Merger

Pizza Rat

The Dallas Morning News
Long Oscar Speeches

The Houston Press: Map for The Super Bowl

Isthmus Supplement: Awarded Milwaukee Press Club Award (Art Director Carolyn Fath/Joe Rocco)

Isthmus: Comparing the best sunblocks for the year

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